Consultation Opportunities by
Jason Borowicz

Corporate consulting tailored to your company, with intention.

Workshops - Consulting

The Transformational Canvas

Implementation is where great ideas go to die. Without the right support, at the right time, the intrapreneurs you’ve invested in will grow frustrated, and your competitors will gain ground. The Transformation Canvas workshop takes cutting edge design research on organizational transformation AND team dynamics, made simple to see, do and use.

Boutique Consulting Sandbox

There is no end to the number of business advisors who have a paint-by-numbers approach to help improve your operations, increase leadership effectiveness or brainstorm ideas. None of it works in the long term because the consultant needs you to keep paying or the ‘consulting’ is training without measuring its effectiveness. How about a Boutique Consulting Sandbox, with agreed outcomes, full access for your entire team to the consultant, and a collaborative approach that unlocks the genius already in your teams?

ImaginActionsTM Studio

If you’d like to increase the likelihood and predictability of innovation, and the reduced risk, increased customer satisfaction and competitive advantages that come along with highly engaged employees committed to customer goals, you are looking for a capability program. ImaginActions™ Studio is what you are looking for. Behavior change based on creativity, new tools and a genius balance of challenge and support.