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by Jason Borowicz

Jason makes a profound difference in the results and revenue of the organizations he works with. 

Making a profound difference in leadership effectiveness and services offered.
Facilitating growth and taking skills to new levels

About Jason

An original thinker, relentless problem solver and wise advisor.

For leaders committed to take their teams to the next level. Jason is a fearless customer-centric advocate, a student of creativity and innovation, and brings helps organizations implement transformational results at speed.


BJason brings status quo changing insight as well as actionable insight teams can use today.

What if Imaginactions were your unfair advantage?

What if Imaginactions were your unfair advantage?

Creating new ideas is not just for creatives and executives. In fact, most real innovation happens with intra-preneurs acting within mature organizations. 80% of innovations happen internally.

And…organizations that invest in an Imaginaction culture lift the value of the organization by up to $20,000 per person!

If you are ready to clarify goals, reduce risk, challenge the status quo, increase engagement and unify your team, Jason is the catalyst you need.

Make Creativity work for you.

What Partners Are Saying

"Jason worked with us to understand our people's perspectives and working to fit within our culture with a message that worked best for us."

Jason brings outstanding value to any size organization. Top skills and toolsets for mindset and creativity, tailored for you.

Seth Bateman Digital Transformation Lead, HSCB NZ

Jason was open to tailoring his talk to our audience. Overwhelmingly people said “lets do more of this!" And they wanted Jason to be a part of future trainings and motivational events.

Bob Whittaker Director, Worklife NZ

"Jason's approach to dealing with complexity was inspiring, combining a willingness to push boundaries with a desire, and an ability, to listen deeply. Very specific thanks for willing to be my design and strategy mentor!"

Jacob Baruk Design Thinking Professor, AUT

Jason has been a valuable asset to my business resulting in inspiring the team, clarity of direction and through his thought leadership has been a catalyst of the growth of the business.

Eloise Tzimas Consulting firm principal

Working along with Jason has been riveting and thoroughly rewarding! As a strategist, Jason has the remarkable ability to make sense of what is only felt.ext

Alia Bojilova Fmr Head of Talent, NZ Army

    An elite creative for performance, results & Growth

    A status-quo-challenging life. A proven innovation advisor. Global experience.

    Jason Has lived abroad in Northern Ireland, Czechia and New Zealand.

    He's Led Football Teams, community development and Corporate Strategy.


    Leadership Teams that Jason has worked with Typically Accelerate

    Organizational Results by 5x-100x within 2 years.

    Professor of Creativity, Author, Speaker, Designer, TV Host and Former Executive

    Committed to populating the world with 1 Million EveryDay Extraordinary Practitioners.


    CONTRIBUTOR. JASON'S BOOK 'The EveryDay Extraordinary Advantage' is Due Out in April 2023.

    Leaders in Jason's Leadership Sandbox Groups Find They Live More

    Creatively and Fully, and Are at Their Best When their Best is Required.



    5 simple steps for creative actions and radical improvement.Jason’s premier material, with custom elements for each audience and industry. Participants will leave committed to transforming their world with the five Imaginaction™ elements and will be challenged to answer the Two Most Important Questions in the World.

    Bigger Than Me

    A leadership focused keynote on affecting change and making a difference on behalf of others. Jason doesn’t believe in pain-by-numbers consulting approaches, and leaders need ways to immediately understand self, team, organization and outside forces that all shape options and decisions. Every participant will increase their LQ (Leadership Quotient) and go away with practical steps to move towards excellence today.

    Workshops - Consulting

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    Implementation is where great ideas go to die. Without the right support, at the right time, the intrapreneurs you’ve invested in will grow frustrated, and your competitors will gain ground. The Transformation Canvas workshop takes cutting edge design research on organizational transformation AND team dynamics, made simple to see, do and use.
    There is no end to the number of business advisors who have a paint-by-numbers approach to help improve your operations, increase leadership effectiveness or brainstorm ideas. None of it works in the long term because the consultant needs you to keep paying or the ‘consulting’ is training without measuring its effectiveness. How about a Boutique Consulting Sandbox, with agreed outcomes, full access for your entire team to the consultant, and a collaborative approach that unlocks the genius already in your teams?
    If you’d like to increase the likelihood and predictability of innovation, and the reduced risk, increased customer satisfaction and competitive advantages that come along with highly engaged employees committed to customer goals, you are looking for a capability program. ImaginActions™ Studio is what you are looking for. Behavior change based on creativity, new tools and a genius balance of challenge and support.

    “We are always Designing. We are Just Not Always Aware of It.
    Leaders, Employees and Customers Deserve Intentional Experiences.” — Jason Borowicz


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